Wholesale Ice Cream Niagara Falls

Serving Niagara Falls, Ontario, Golden Horseshoe offers wholesale ice cream and frozen goods. Supplying only quality Ice Cream and frozen food products, we are a trusted low temperature Ice Cream wholesaler. We have more than 30 years of experience as an Ice Cream wholesaler, working hard to develop strong relationships with our Ice Cream customers so they can trust us to deliver superior service and delicious wholesale priced Ice Cream products, housed within our secure storage facility and on hand for shipping to Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Convenient Wholesale Ice Cream Products

Serving you wholesale Ice Cream products from over 30 Ice Cream and frozen food manufacturers, as a wholesale customer we provide prompt delivery of your ice cream products directly to you in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Enjoy our excellent wholesale prices with lower pricing available when meeting the minimum order fulfillment.

Secure Ice Cream Product Delivery

We provide frozen wholesale products in Bar, Ice Cream Cone, Sandwich, and Donut formats. Emphasizing hygiene and safety, our wholesale Ice Cream orders are delivered to Niagara Falls, Ontario in a frozen state within our low temperature refrigerated vehicles.

Ready To Order Wholesale Ice Cream Products

If you are seeking a trusted Ice Cream wholesaler for Niagara Falls, Ontario, phone us at 1.800.387.8145 or visit our website to place your wholesale based order within our easy to use store found here. When you’ve compiled your order, our team will confirm your order directly with you before any payment is made.