Wholesale Ice Cream Ohsweken

For over 30 years Golden Horseshoe has been providing wholesale Ice Cream and frozen goods to Ohsweken, Ontario. We are a low temperature Ice Cream wholesaler always working hard to ensure you enjoy a range of quality Ice Cream and frozen food products. We continue to earn the trust of our Ice Cream customers, building long-standing relationships as they put their trust in us as an Ice Cream wholesaler providing advanced service and wholesale priced ice cream products always securely stored and ready for prompt shipping to Ohsweken, Ontario.

Wholesale Ice Cream Products Without Worry

Our range of wholesale Ice Cream products are from more than 30 Ice Cream and frozen food manufacturers. We offer prompt delivery of your Ice Cream products to Ohsweken, Ontario and as a wholesale customer you enjoy excellent wholesale prices, with even lower pricing available when meeting our minimum order requirement.

Ice Cream Product Delivery Made Easy

Whether you choose Ice Cream Cone, Bar, Donut, or Sandwich formats, our frozen wholesale products are available to you. With help from our state of the art low temperature refrigerated vehicles, our wholesale Ice Cream orders always reach you in Ohsweken, Ontario in a frozen state.

Discover Our Wholesale Ice Cream Products

If you are in need of a trusted Ice Cream wholesaler for Ohsweken, Ontario reach out to us at 1.800.387.8145 or get your wholesale based order together on our website with help from our easy to use store here. When your order is compiled we connect with you in order to confirm your order before taking any form of payment.