Ice Cream Supplier Grimsby

Proud to serve Grimsby, Ontario with prompt Ice Cream supplies, Golden Horseshoe is your local established Ice Cream supplier.

We are always dedicated to providing quality Ice Cream and frozen food products as a trusted low temperature Ice Cream supplier. Over the past 30+ years we have been supplying Ice Cream products and building long-standing relationships with our Ice Cream customers, who continue to choose us as we deliver service that is unmated and competitively priced Ice Cream products, always securely stored and ready for shipping from our storage facility to Grimsby, Ontario and surrounding areas.

Serving Competitively Priced Ice Cream Products

We supply you with Ice Cream products available from over 30 Ice Cream and frozen food manufacturers such as Gay Lea, Central Smith, Champan’s Ice Cream Legendairy Premium Ice Cream, Shaw’s Ice Cream, Unilever, From Farm to Table, and The Kawartha Dairy Company, we can supply you with popular brands of Ice Cream including Klondike, Ben & Jerry’s, Popsicle, and Breyers, to list just a few! You can also browse our selection of non-dairy Ice Cream products as needed.

Along with our prompt deliveries of Ice Cream Supplies to Grimsby, Ontario, we also offer lower pricing when minimum order requirements are met, giving you the ability to enjoy purchasing your Ice Cream and frozen supplies at more affordable prices!

Experienced Low Temperature Ice Cream Deliveries

Offering a range of frozen products, available in Ice Cream Cone, Bars, Donuts, and Sandwiches, we ensure all of our Ice Cream deliveries reach Grimsby, Ontario in a frozen state while emphasizing hygiene and safety within our low temperature refrigerated vehicles.

Experience Our Ice Cream Supplies Today

If you have been seeking a trusted Ice Cream supplier for the Grimsby, Ontario area, phone us at 1.800.387.8145. You are also welcome to visit our website to place an order within our convenient store here. Once you have finished your order, we will then reach out to you for a full confirmation before any payment is made.