Ice Cream Supplier St. Catharines

Golden Horseshoe is a respected Ice Cream supplier providing timely delivery of Ice Cream supplies to St. Catharines, Ontario.

We are dedicated to delivering on the best quality Ice Cream and frozen food products as a low temperature Ice Cream supplier. We’ve worked hard to build long-standing relationships with our Ice Cream customers as we have been supplying Ice Cream products for over 30 years. Our customers place their trust in us and enjoy receiving exceptional service and well-priced Ice Cream products, always safety stored within our storage facility before being dispatched to St. Catharines, Ontario.

Well Priced Ice Cream Products Delivered

Enjoy our range of Ice Cream products from more than 30 Ice Cream and frozen food manufacturers including Central Smith, Gay Lea, The Kawartha Dairy Company, From Farm to Table Canada, Legendairy Premium Ice Cream, Unilever, Chaman’s Ice Cream, Shaw’s Ice Cream, and enjoy many popular brands of Ice Cream including Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Klondike, & Popsicle just to name a few! Experience our range of non-dairy Ice Cream products as well.

Our Ice Cream Supplies are delivered to the St. Catharines, Ontario area frequently and we can provide our available lower pricing when minimum order requirements are met, so you can enjoy purchasing your Ice Cream and frozen supplies at much more affordable prices!

Low Temperature Ice Cream Deliveries Focused On Safety

We provide frozen products in Ice Cream Cones, Bars, Donuts, or Sandwiches. We strive to fulfill your orders with hygiene and safety as our number one priority, as all of our Ice Cream deliveries always reach St. Catharines, Ontario in a frozen state using only low temperature refrigerated vehicles.

Time To Order Ice Cream Supplies

If you have been searching for an Ice Cream supplier for St. Catharines, Ontario, you can call us at 1.800.387.8145. Our easy to use store also allows you to place an order on our website here. When you’ve finished putting your order together, we will contact you directly in order to completely confirm your order before payment is made.